love me to pieces ▲ Loki&Sif 

I missed vidding them :’)

Sif - [6/10 scenes] Training with the Soldiers


XDDD THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR ANON FOR THIS! I’m still laughing! also, if there’s another way to do a butt kiss I DON’T KNOW! hope you’ll like!XD

(more of my Sifkiss art challenge here!)


“Part of the backstory we created was that Frigga was really the most attentive to Loki when he was a child. And Odin didn’t really know how to connect. He connected much more with Thor. They were sort of cut from the same cloth. And Frigga and Loki had this kind of beautiful, sensitive, more artistic relationship. And it was actually her who taught him all his magic.”


so I closed requests for the Sifkiss art challenge, but I had to do my favorite prompt: eyelids kiss!*_* Which is as cool as impossible to draw apparently.

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Born a goddess and forged a warrior

this is war.

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Duality Challenge:

focus / blur

The Avengers. It’s what we call ourselves, sort of like a team.

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ah the thor 1 hair!;-; here we go Anon, you’re welcomed.

(also I am using the most random styles, I’m sorry XD)